What is link popularity?

Hi Everyone !!!

Can anybody please tell me what is link popularity in terms of website marketing.


It’s the importance of the link. It’s calculated with the google algorithm (nbr of link in page, the domain popularity, etc…)

Link popularity- refers to the number of links pointing to your website and from related sites and is an extremely important method of improving your site’s relevancy on SERP.

Reading through these two sticky threads may help:

The results that show on search engines’ first page are links with high link popularity

There is far more that goes into the decision of which results will show on the first page than the link popularity. In fact, with a specific search it’s much more likely that a website with detailed matching content will rank above a website with just a high number of links.

It’s like being an actor or entertainer. If more people knows about you, surely they all have their own list to contact you by all means. Just like for your website. If you are popular enough, surely these other website will link to you or recommend your website in their webpages to their friends and visitors.

link popularity is important for our site with help of link popularity we can see our sites bank links and also its position in google n search engine optimization. if u dont know about how to check the link populariaty then use [noparse]www.submitexpress.com[/noparse] then go to free tools and then to free link popularity n check ur website popularity links.

Link popularity is the meter of checking popularity of your sites. Its depends on the relevant link which are linked to you.