What is link juice?

Hello please tell me about the link Juice and how can it helpful in SEO.

Link Juice is nothing but Traffic to your website.

Where did you get that idea?

Link juice is the common term for the benefit your site gains with the search engines from an incoming link. If the link is from a high-quality, reputable and relevant site, it will pass more “link juice” than a link from a poor quality or irrelevant site. Google refers to it as passing “PageRank”, rather than “link juice”.

Yes but they are the only ones who use that term as Larry Page is a Google founder and other search engines would not want to use a term that refers to Google like that.

Link juice is a term that will passes the rank juice to a site via link . So that it will drive up your rankings and bring traffic to your websites.
Dofollow links passes a link juice to your website but nofollow cannot pass any link juice.

Link juice also called link value. It is transferred by linking to a certain page that is not nofollow. It can help in SEO in terms of link value and page authority depending on the quality of a link that is built in your site/page.