What is Image sharing?

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I want to know about Image sharing in SEO as well Normal way. Please write also difference between Normal sharing and Sharing in SEO .

What have you found by researching this so far? It would be good to know why you’re interested in this, to help give the discussion some clear focus. :slight_smile:

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Difference between normal image sharing and image sharing in SEO is that in normal image sharing people is sharing their image only & little description. But image sharing in SEO many SEO Company used images & short description with links.

I have just started working as a SEO. Before that I had done lots of imaging sharing, but now I want to do same image in SEO. To enhance my knowledge of image sharing, I be here.

Sharing image with alt text as hyperlink and meta descriptions and tags in images will be helpful for keyword indexing …

@baavinashkumar: I’m still unclear about your goals here. What kind of images are you intending to share, and where will you be sharing them?

You’ve asked your question in the Social Media category, so I imagine you’re talking about sharing on social sites, but you’re asking about SEO and have tagged the topic “SEO”. Most social media sites mark links as nofollow, so they will have no effect on SEO. You may be able to gain traffic from social media, depending on your niche and your approach, but you are wasting your time trying to use it for SEO.

Image sharing in SEO means placing your site image on different sites interact with people creating quality backlink and get referral traffic to your website. It is one of the useful off page SEO technique by which one can promote their brands or website to different image sharing websites.

Links which you create yourself are not “quality” links and have little or no influence on SEO. Creating links with the intention of manipulating search results (or PageRank, in the case of Google) is against the guidelines of both Google and Bing and may lead to your site being penalised.


you can explain thousand words with a single image…that is one reason why most of the bloggers use images on their blog…if you just share the images without feeding your keyword in the Alt text…it will be called as normal sharing…but when your are running a website with SEO…you images should contain the keywords in the Alt text which will help in ranking of the images in the search engine…this is actually called as sharing for SEO…!!!

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I would recommend always having a short descriptive alt attribute value. I also would not use it to stuff keywords.
(Matt Cutts mistakenly calls the attribute a tag, but anyway …)

sharing an Image on google with image name contain keyword it would help a lot while any one searching an image with the name or keyword it will show in google search results it is not compulsory but should be recommended while search engine will crawl the image they know about what the image is about.

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@netprophets123, I want to about, the ways to insert keyword with the image to get fast crawl?

I think there is no different between normal image sharing and SEO image sharing. But, when I share image for SEO, we keep in mind the SEO prospective. That’s why, we try to use the target keywords in hash tags and also we use the business URL. But, in the case of normal image sharing, we do not keep these criteria on mind while sharing images normally. The basic procedure for image sharing in both the cases is actually the same.

Can you provide more clear details on image sharing in seo in order to improve targeted keywords status?

Hi baavinashkumar,
According to my knowledge there is no difference in Normal sharing and Sharing in SEO . By sharing the image only we can say many details.so many people like to make infograhics about the company, institution anything they will represwnt their ideas in a image and they will share in seo,so that they will get more traffic .

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People mostly do image sharing to get a backlink through that. You can share infographic also in those image sharing website. Not only to get backlink but also for branding and good informative info.

You should insert Keyword in alt text and file name.

Pictures are more fascinating than writings and picture can contain connect and by sharing picture you are really sharing your site’s connection and getting more guests. Presently a days its an extremely prominent approach to get more activity.
To know more watch this tutorial: How to optimize your image for seo.

Image sharing in SEO is very beneficial for your website from this you can interact visitors to your website and get traffic. In normal way image sharing is not so effective this is like a personal purpose but when you share image in SEO then some information about image and to get visitor on your site you read more with a link you can post.

Image sharing or photo sharing means uploading picture in some sites so that we get traffic on our website through images also, In images we can hyperlink it and also we can add title and description to it