What is good blogs to post your new articles?


I have been using Wordpress to post my new articles for about a year. They suspended my account without any reason.

I think because I posted 2 links on each article post so they suspended it. And, I also posted these articles to Ezine so that is the reason they suspended my account.

I am looking for good blogs that allow us to post at least one link on each article.

Thanks very much!

I’m not aware of WordPress being concerned about links in a post. Spamming those posts, sure, but not linking too them.

Give Tumblr or blogger a try if you want something different

Hi there,

In regards to Wordpress, it is very strict when it comes to links because it hate spam. Even Blogger hates spam. That is why you should post your articles naturally and the links more meaningful (related to the anchor text or the sentence it is linked to).

you can also try “weebly”.

wordpress suspends accounts because of links? I am pretty new with wordpress, so didn’t really know about this. Thanks for the headsup and I think I will be careful in the future. However, does this mean any blog services might suspend your account if there are too many links?

you can try squidoo or any other article website to post your links.

The issue concerning suspension has been answered.

This topic of where to post has been covered in other threads.

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