What is Flexbox?

What exactly is Flexbox? What’s it used for?

That would be covered in a modern HTML and CSS beginner’s class.


Google “flexbox” for more.


Is there no such thing as a simple one sentence explanation of it, as to what its purpose is?

How’s this?

“Flexbox” is a group of CSS properties that have the purpose of allowing HTML to be styled.


Flexbox allows one to make a table-like box with flexible cells, but using pure CSS. It goes way beyond what simple tables can do. It gives developers new tools for laying out elements.

This comprehensive article might help you:

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Traditionally web browsers used a fairly limited layout model that mostly stacked columns up and left. A simple ‘self-balancing’ three column layout was tougher than it looked and great minds spent their time perfecting ‘Holy Grail’ hacks to make it work better.

Flexbox is a different layout model that makes these layouts much easier.

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It’s a complex tool, so a one-sentence answer is asking a bit much.

Flexbox is similar to the block layout, except that it lacks many of the properties that can be used in a block layout, such as floats and columns. But then again it has more flexibility for distributing space and aligning content in ways that web applications and complex web pages often need. It solves many other layout problems that we have been fighting against and trying to solve for a very long time—such as vertical centering, for example, among many others.


Okay, folks. Thanks for all the explanations. Very helpful.

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