What is exactly Spam

Hello All,
Since I am grown and deal with website design and development daily I talk and hear about Spam!
Can you people give me good idea to understand what is exactly spamming. According to me- Something, a link, which is not relevant to that topic, and any one tries to give that link for the purpose of visitors? Any vague, cheap quality of information!

Let me be specific- Well most of you will be doing SEO for your websites, if you will not get backlinks for your targeted key words you can not rank your website for particular key word, and for that you need to get backlinks with anchor text(so called your k- words). They are obtained through forum signature, article, directories, blog comments.

If you try to get them with theme based websites- is it spamming? Well I am little confused help me to understand.

Sorry, but this is far too vague a question, as a simple search would have sufficed to answer the question. Please search (both the forums and via your favorite search engine). For example, the first result I found was this in-depth article. If you still have SPECIFIC questions after doing some research, please feel free to repost.

In the meantime, THREAD CLOSED.

(And if you’re hoping to get backlinks from your signature in this forum, I’m afraid you’re out of luck. Signature links are no-follow.)

Not all forums provide you with useful back links. Signature links from this forum are “nofollow”, meaning they don’t count.

Anyhow, I think of spam as unwanted annoyance material—like marketing emails I don’t want, or forum posts that benefit no one except the poster. What you are asking about really is SEO, which is different from spam (although a lot of people sadly confuse the two). Yes, search engines take notice of relevant back links … but they must be relevant. When I started web design, I thought you were meant to get as many back links as possible to impress Google … so I got busy with all kinds of link directories etc. Later, I discovered that Google had ignored the entire lot! … and so they should. Search engines try to filter out bogus back links like that. A proper back link is where the owners of one website genuinely value the content of another website and link to it. So forge genuine relationships with other site owners and businesses, and offer something valuable that others will want to acknowledge and link to.