What is end user optimization?

Hello friends,
What is end user optimization and what’s is uses and how it’s different with Search Engine Optimization ?

end user optimization- constructing a site which is more user friendly, dynamic, interactive and which should be full of interesting contents and in total the objective is to make the user stay at the site for long time, in other words minimization of bouncing rate. I have given a general idea for the term. There may be a few technical issues involved related to on-page optimization. In the Process of optimizing the site for end user, the site may become less search engine friendly. So you need to maintain a balance between SEO and end user optimization. for ex: If you use Flash in the site, your site may look attractive and the visitors may like it, but flash is not advisable, if you want your site to search engine friendly.

Sometimes there is a fine line between what SEO specialists like to see and what a human likes to see. Try to incorporate both. I do admit, it is not always easy pleasing humans AND robots!

i think its a part of on-page factors… since its the one that your visitors read and interact…

I’ve never heard the term “end user optimisation”, but I would guess it means the same as “usability”, which is essentially about making a website easy for people to use. A lot of the things you can do to improve usability can also help you in search results, but others of them won’t necessarily do that.

The guru of usability is Jakob Nielsen, and the best place to find out more is his website - www.useit.com. Happy reading!

One meaning could be improving your site to make sure it is user friendly.

For example you may have an online shop that has lots of content and many incoming links so works well from an SEO point of view but if visitors can’t easily by items you still won’t sell anything.

You need to think about what your visitors will be looking for on your site and if they can find it easily.