What is dynamic-multiline

I have to change this input field to a textarea:

<input name=“note” dynamic-multiline=“true” autocomplete=“on” type=“text” id=“notetext” />

what is dynamic-multiline=“true”. I’ve never seen that before and my Google searches weren’t too helpful. thanks.

I was intrigued by this, looks like it’s used in Actionscript for Flash after a little googling…

thanks. soo, it has no purpose on an input element?

Kindof makes sense that it’s there. The markup I’m editing has seen probably 5 - 10 different developers and re-purposed many over the years.


It has no HTML purpose… I mean, no browser knows natively what to do with that. But you might need to leave it in if some backend system or some Javascript/whatever needs it. It’s also possible that it’s there only because the input is now a type=text who does not have multi lines, so it might have been a sort of text-area polyfill.

<textarea name=“note” autocomplete=“on” id=“notetext” rows=“whatever” cols=“whatever”></textarea>
Is all you should need, though I’m allergic to autocomplete. Remember rows and cols are required, and you can set whatever size you really want in CSS (plus browsers like webkits let you change them anyway).