What is difference between Plugins&products&modules&....?

Hello ,

i heared many times in scripts about :

i know in general that it’s about additional addons to scripts , but i puzzled between plugins & modules

because i want make script support this method so i want know more information about difference between them


The question here isnt really a PHP question, but I’ll give it a swing…

Modules/Plugins are generally equivalent terms - they use existing programming in the software to extend the original program’s abilities.

Addons are generally similar, though their operation is usually independent of the original program’s code.

Products (in terms of software) is… the actual original software.

In PHP terms - the Product (although it’s free) is PHP itself. Modules are abilities attached to the PHP execution (mysqli, zlib, etc etc). Addons doesn’t really have a PHP connotation i’m aware of…

thanks alot :slight_smile: … i aske it because i will use it in making php script

Don’t forget about widgets.

:smiley: ?!? “Widgets” ?