What is devops and its tools?

Please Anyone Can Help Me What is DevOps and Tools and uses.

At its core DevOps is largely about software automation. A simple example be instead of uploading files manually to a server automatically uploading them anytime the code changes. A more complex example would be programmatically increasing servers to satisfy variations in traffic to a website. Some very common competencies of of DevOps although not all DevOps opportunities are created equally are Containerization, Docker, Kubernetes, Continuous Integration (CI), Continuous Development (CD).

DevOps will also likely require knowledge of cloud services like AWS, Azure, Firebase, etc. The cloud requirement will be highly dependent on the company but AWS and Azure are by far the most popular enterprise level cloud solutions. These positions also typically require programming knowledge using languages common to building automation workflows such as; Python, node.js. Platform specific propriety infrastructure as code/configuration are also common such as; Cloudformation (AWS), terraform (open source), Chef, Puppet.

The ultimate job of the DevOps team is to act as a support vector between development and IT to make both their jobs easier through efficient scalable secure automation processes. All the tools mentioned above are designed for that purpose providing different ways of approaching that problem.

A simple way to get started with DevOps is Github Actions. Github Actions is a recent addition to github providing some rather powerful automation capabilities with low learning curve.

Having said this one means of eliminating much of this is using Serverless development. With serverless development the need for containers and infrastructure as code/configuration to scale is eliminated. This requires a complete change in practice though which is not suitable for legacy projects like those using php. With serverless development you create small functions which can be pushed to global network of cloud servers that will automatically scale and do much of the manual grunt configuration work for you. Serverless framework is a great place to start with Severless development. Its a breath of fresh air to have production quality end-points that scale without needing to deal with provisioning servers or containerization. Serveless is also what is considered sustainable engineering because waste is eliminated no idol resources like servers exist and consume energy when not in use.


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