What is css/styles.css

what is css/styles.css ??

In your root folder is a folder named CSS. Open that folder and you find the file styles.css. This is where you can make the changes. If for example you would like to make changes to your menu. Look in your html page what the name of the menu div is and search for that div in you css style sheet and make changes you want

I wouldn’t say that. HTML and CSS may be simple in theory, but in practice you have to worry about browser inconsistencies, supported attributes, validation… You really should read up on HTML before beginning any of this. Is there a specific reason you’re asking?

Mmm How do I explain this. A stylesheet is a document that control the layout of your website. See it as a control centre. The advantages of a stylesheet are that you can make changes in your website from one point instead of to make changes in every seperated page.

Neither. It’s only a stylesheet. A website is generally composed of 3 or more client side languages (code your browser parses) being generated by one or more server side languages (code run on the server used for dynamic pages).
HTML is the main language used in creating a web page. It stands for Hypertext Markup Language. These days it’s used ideally for creating the document structure only. Web pages are a collection of tags that create elements on the page.

CSS, or Cascading Style Sheets are used to apply styling to a web page. This is used for determining the visual layout of the site and its overall theme. It can apply backgrounds to elements, determine their sizes, text colors and more.

Javascript is a scripting language that’s used to create any non-standard actions that take place on a page including dynamic creation of elements, repositioning elements, changing styles on the fly and much much more. Many web pages require javascript to be enabled to force old browsers to act properly with new features in HTML and CSS.

ohhh so its easy to do that ??

thanks for all your help :))

Is it the whole website or just the header??

Design aesthetic can be changed/ controlled/ modified through CSS.
Not the content.

It’s likely a css stylesheet file named style.css that resides in a folder named css, which is adjacent to the file accessing css/style.css.

the coder who designed my website said u can make the changes from css/styles.css

Depending on the understanding and complexity; css can have levels like Beginner, Intermediate and advanced.

http://www.w3schools.com/css/ - A good place to start with.