What is Cross Linking?

Hello folks,

What is Cross Linking? Can it work as an SEO strategy?


A link from a site’s page to another of it’s page is not cross linking IMHO. cross linking comes into picture when you have 2 or more sites and you link many pages from your sites to one another. Understanding Excessive cross linking is difficult. In general if you have a new site then avoid linking structures which try to manipulate PR. One way to avoid excessive cross linking is to think it from user point of view. is it beneficial for the user?
An example of excessive cross linking :-

You have 5 sites with 5 pages each. You give a link to each and every page of the 5 sites from each of the site’s page. (i.e. you have 25 links on each of the pages) This is just an example to give you an idea of the issue at stake.

And no it’s not a dumb question , many of the senior fellows still have different ideas about this issue

You have posted numerous threads on the SEO forum looking for answers to basic definitions that are easily attained through a Google search or through searching this forum for similar threads. You have also been warned about doing this from another member of staff.

The best answer I can give to you is this. Please refrain from posting requests for basic definitions on this forum without searching on Google or using our forum search feature.

Sorry Jake but I have to agree with Ultimate. I’m all for asking when you don’t know something. It is the only way to learn. But not when you don’t do your homework… I encourage everyone to search the forum or Google and try to find the information by themselves.

Only if you didn’t find it or you can’t understand it, or if you wanted to debate about different points of view about the subject, you should ask. It is the only way that we can rise the level of knowledge of every single member, debate the possibilities and find new information that we will help us in our careers and businesses.

Answering this type of basic questions may be a waste of time because.

a) they’ve been answering before… so many times!
b) The information is easily available and it really takes no time to do your own search

I’m closing the thread.