What is Cold Fusion

I have a question related to Cold Fusion?

What is it?

Can it use as the alternative of ASP / JSP/ PHP?

If yes then on which server the Cold fusion(.cfm) files can be executed.

I have not seen any website with this extension uptil now.

It’s a server-side language, like PHP or ASP. Some people find it easier to code in because it’s tag-based.

My office uses it exclusively, and I’ve yet to find anything that I could do in PHP that I can’t do in CF.

I have no experience with it, but it’s an Adobe application. so that’s where I’d go first for more info:

just to add… there are other engines that can interpret it now other than the ‘official’ one now owned by Adobe. New Atlanta, OpenBD, Railo and a couple others. Some are even free, so the argument of “it’s not free” is over.