What is Code?

One for @Adam and Versioning I think - a bit of ‘off topic’


Sorry, I’m lost.

I do understand that you want @adam to have a look at this but I don’t know why it is ‘off topic’… ‘off-topic’ from what?

I do confess that I haven’t read the article so maybe if I read it, it would be obvious

@adam does the Versioning news letter - this is just the kind of thing to be posted in it, but it would go in the ‘off topic’, or “Everything Else” section.

Now, I get you. It is kind of cryptic for everyone… Except for @Adam, of course, He will understand the minute he sees this.

He will, and has done once or twice before at my behest. :smiley:

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@chrisofarabia Hahaha, thanks for thinking of me Chris! Paul Ford is probably my fav writer on the internet so I basically lost my mind when I saw this.

It’s going to be in every section of Versioning at least once.

(If you want more Ford: https://medium.com/@ftrain)

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