What is broken link building

I want to learn about how can I generate links for my website using broken link building technique.

Does that really exist?

Does it exist? Yes.
Is it scummy? Yes.
Is it lazy? Yes.
Does it work? Not in comparison to actually having your own quality content.
Does it bring repute to your site? Not generally, no. But, by the time you’re thinking about “How can i con people into visiting my site”, that ship has probably already sailed.

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I have read about broken link building technique - here
Hope it will help to understand the concept.

Hi Ramesh,

There are quite a few tutorials online how to do this, so am not going to list it all out here, but…

The gist (in my understanding) is to basically find resource pages on competitor / related websites where the resources they are offering has a broken link, i.e. the resource they are linking to does not exist anymore.

Then reach out to the site owner/developer and offer them your resource as an alternative.

Providing you have a worthy resource, it is likely that they will then link to your resource instead.

You get a free backlink and they get a useful resource.

Win win situation :slight_smile:

If you want to work with broken links, then besides the concept itself, you will need to study the program The Broken Link Building Bible, it is an integral part of this tactic.

I think work on broken links is totally Black Hat which i never prefer to anyone.

Don’t work on broken links. Try to make good quality backlinks and remove your broken links. That will help you to rank in search engine.

Dear Ramesh,

This link building strategy is really awesome. It takes time but it really work better for your ranking. Follow the steps below to get quality links in your niche:
1- Find the blogs in your niche and check the authority (First)
2- Now check the broken links one by one (Use Check my links Chrome Extension)
3- Contact with admin by contact page or social profiles (If found broken link)
4- Let him know that he has a broken link in that particular post and offer him politely to help him to exchange. (Your way of talk should be helping not greedy)

By following these steps you will get more quality links as well as you will increase friends in your niche who will help you in other aspects too.

Best Regards,