What is best web design trends in 2021

What is best web design trends in 2021

You’ve posted in HTML & CSS, @cyberworx4, rather than Design & UX. Are you asking about modern coding methods, rather than current design trends?

I am asking about modern design trends

I’ve moved the thread to Design & UX.

Your question remains very vague, so you might want to think about clarifying it a bit further, to avoid very vague and general replies, which are probably not what you want.

Are you asking about features which other members have noticed being used increasingly, or which they are now employing as standard? Are you asking about “best practice” in current design? Current trends and best practice are, sadly, not always the same thing.

2021 is Minimalist

Welcome to the forums, @selfstorage.

Is that your experience, your personal opinion, or based on something you’ve read?

(Minimalist may be a design trend, but it’s not very helpful applied to forum posts. wink)

Obviously It’s based on latest user trend

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What does that actually mean?

Trends emerge over a longer period of time. 2021 is exactly 12 days old, which is generally not a long enough time for trends to emerge :man_shrugging:


animations for UX

Care to elaborate on that? What kind of animations exactly? How is different than we did in 2020? What can we expect to see more/less of in 2021 and why?

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I sincerely hope to see fewer animations in 2021. Too many sites seem to use them just because they can, and then over-use them. For some of us, they can be an accessibility nightmare. frown

(Note: I’m not saying fewer animations is a trend, just hoping it will be so.)

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I think most animations are due to feeble design in not specifying advert, video, image dimensions. Far too frequently while trying to read an article the infuriating page jumps, I lose the last place read and it is also obliterated by some inane cookie message. Too often I just leave and look for alternative articles. UX is a joke, numerous web pages are no longer user friendly and it’s getting worse :frowning:


OMG, live discussion! Yaay!

I now work on an open-source library of product animations - animated illustrations for UX empty states and icons for e-commerce. Here’s the slide I made about the value (as a newbie I can download only 1).

As a marketer for 6+ years and a startup founder, I do see a great value of user onboarding being more effective with animations, etc.

I agree some tend to use them all over the place, making pages download slowly which only makes the UX and conversions worse. Still, I believe it’s inevitable that UI is becoming more and more engaging to guide the users.

Where’s the research to justify these claims?

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