What is best on-device flashing application


Hi, has anyone tried on-device flashing application such as Flashify or Mobile Odin? I want to know if the on-device flashing utility works as fine as a computer flashing programme before flashing my device


Hi janetwiley6, welcome to the forums!

I’ve had only good experience using the Mobile Odin a few years ago. It worked better than flashing from a computer as I recall. A computer is needed if you happen to brick your phone though. :slight_smile:

I recommend searching the forums at https://forum.xda-developers.com/ for detailed advice how to flash your particular device. You might find there’s also other on-device methods that could fit your needs.


I have used TWRP, To flash roms on my phone, Its easy to use


Thank you, friends, I don’t have enough knowledge to flash TWRP recovery. So, I will try the Mobile Odin.Thanks, friends


welcome, Feel free to ask any other doubts you have