What is bad neighborhood in SEO?

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I want to know that what is the meaning of bad neighborhood in SEO techniques. Can anyone explain that. Waiting for reply

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It typically refers to sites of lesser quality - sites that are not attractive to get a link from for example.

I think that this term refers to the websites that are hosted on the same IP as you are…
Thus if you have some spammy, phisting, porn & virus websites hosted on the same server as you website - you will most likely get penalized for that by Google!

means some site with bad quality but got higher SERP than your site.

Usually we refer to spammy sites and link farms. Make sure you do not link from your site to those pages, because this can lead to a ban.

bad neighborhood sites are blacklisted by search engines as sites that are known to do spammy things to boost rankings of their own and/or others.

Neither of these are true.

When you link to a site you vouch for it so if you link to a ‘bad neighbourhood’ it means linking to a disreputable site that you woudln’t normally want to recommend to anyone, but that’s what you’re doing if you lnk to them.

All spammy, virus, link farm websites are bad neighborhood website in SEO. Also all those websites which are banned by search engines and in most of the cases porn/adult site are treated as bad neighborhood websites. So if you are doing submissions in directory, article sites etc. please pay attention that whether there should be no porn/casino/poker websites on that page until and unless if you are not looking for the same theme. Don’t submit even in those sites which have ads of these type of websites.