What is anchor text diversify?

Recently i have seen an article on SEOmoz . It was about anchor text diversify, but i didn’t get that clearly. does any one here will share this thing in short and clear words.

I would assume it means not to spam your content with the same anchor text.

[FONT=Verdana]I presume you’re referring to this article: http://www.seomoz.org/blog/top-1-seo-tips-for-2013?buffer_share=1f311

All he’s saying is, don’t use exactly the same phrase for the anchor text of every backlink to your site. Use text that is relevant and natural in the context.

Obviously, if somebody else has linked to your site, you don’t have control over the text, but where you have built your links, forget about keyword stuffing and just make them sound natural. [/FONT]

You can also real the article on search-engine journal with title"How and When to Diversify Your Anchor Text". may be this can help you in learning this concept.

Using exact keyword anchor texts for links used to be a very popular SEO trick that would increase your chances of ranking in Google for particular keywords. With Google’s algorithm changes over the past year, this will no longer help you rank. Now, Google just tracks this so they can determine who is creating artificial links using known SEO techniques and penalize these sites accordingly.

In order to avoid getting your site penalized, it is best to shoot for earning high quality links, surrounded by relevant content. The link itself should vary in anchor text. I now use either the site name or just the url as the anchor text for about 80% of my backlinks. As long as the link is there the content on the page matters much more than the anchor text.

Thanks TechnoBear, Now it is clear as I expected. Suppose, if some one did the same, i mean built 100 links using same anchor, how can be the Google reaction? what you think ?


I expect Google would regard these the same way I would - as somebody attempting to manipulate the search results, rather than provide useful information for their potential visitors. In this case, Google is likely to disregard them when it comes to ranking your site, so you might as well not bother and put your energies into something more productive instead. :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot. got it clearly.