What is an ideal Price?

For the first time, we want to ask people what they think as per them is the ideal price for web development, Mobile Application development, SEO/SMM services? (say 20 page site) Just want to know how much people think should be the ideal price for such services?

We want to create an analysis of what companies charge and is the paying capacity of the individuals.

Team Riseuprankings

There’s no idea price, as there are too many factors, such as the cost of living where you are located, the amount of work the site requires and so on. Work out what’s required for the site, what you need to charge per hour to make a decent living, then develop a quote on that general basis …

No offence, but that is a ridiculous question, as posted, because it’s like asking how long is the piece of string in my pocket which I’m not going to show you.

You need to specify at least the following:

  1. are the pages database driven or static?
  2. are you providing all the images or do you want the developer to take/provide photos?
  3. if you are providing the images, are they ready for web puiblishing or do you want the developer to prepare/optimise them?
  4. how much of the content will you be providing and how much do you want the developer to provide?
  5. do you want a logo/banner to be designed and created by the developer?
  6. do you want any graphics work?
  7. do you want a CMS?
  8. if the answer to point 7 is yes, do you want a vanilla type 3rd party CMS or fully customised CMS?

Based on the combination of answers you provide, if I was to give you a price it would be in the range of about $500 to $6000+.

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It may spark an interesting debate so I will leave it in place for now.