What is Al or EPS format?


I wanted my customer to send an image file in PSD or PNG format (as original files) so I can alter her logo, however she is asking if I want it in Al or EPS format.

I have never heard of them.

Can any of these formats be opened in Photoshop or Fireworks?


AI and EPS are vector formats normally produced by the likes of Adobe Illustrator or Macromedia Freehand. PSD and PNG are bitmap formats that are produced by bitmap editors like Photoshop or Fireworks.

Yes, on a very very basic level you can edit them in photoshop or fireworks, but not to the level that you may have to.

.ai stand for adobe illustrator and is it’s native file format it’s a vector based file.
.eps is encapsulated Post script this file is also a vecor format but can be used by other software as such.

You can open both but photoshop will rasterize the files, you will loose any vector editing capability.

Thanks - that helps alot.

Since I have Freehand I will opt for EPS format