What is Absolute Link or relative link?

Hello, I can’t understand which is better for my website, Absolute Link or relative link ? some one said “Absolute Link” So can you explain me what is and where I can?

There are three ways you can include the URL in a link. Let’s say you’re on example.com/folder/subfolder/page.htm and you want to link to example.com/otherfolder/newpage.

You could go for

[list][]<a href=“…/…/otherfolder/newpage”> (relative)
]<a href=“http://example.com/otherfolder/newpage”> (absolute)
[*]<a href=“/otherfolder/newpage”> (root)[/list]

Which one is best to use will depend on the situation.

Theoretically someone could scrape your website then republish the content. If you have absolute links set up on your site these could eventually turn into backlinks for yourself… IF someone did scrape your content. I like the idea, but as far as I know I’ve never been fortunate enough to have a site of mine scraped.

Seosperts will tell you to use absolute URLs in the interests of better ranking, but they have various downsides, like more work for the server (say on linked images, as you are searching the whole web for each image with an absolute URL), and absolute links to assets like images are a pain if your page is SSL protected.