What is about Dilster.com

I just started using Dilster as my domain name. It sounds ok for me. But since I am not very good in English, I am wondering if this has any “bad” meaning. If so, please let me know. Just to make sure :slight_smile:


Don’t see anything bad in it, try not to make it bad by your actions.

No, don’t think like that you can keep any name you wish. Remember that great names started only like this. I hope your site will do better than them.

It’s a little tricky. In Australia, as “dill” is a fool or an idiot, so there are some echoes of that in your domain name, though I’m not sure if those connotations exist elsewhere.

Cutting it close. But as long as your content is appropriate you’ll be fine.

The domain name sounds good , it can be worth something in the future if you have the right positive actions towards it.

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