What is a page?

I was just looking over some webtool stats.

According to what Google says about this site, I have 800 internal links to this one page. The page that is ALWAYS linked right beside it has 150 links.

First, I don’t even have 800 pages in that site. Even being liberal, that particular ‘page’ is only linked to one time on every final render of a page. I don’t know where that number even came from.
Secondly, there are no static pages on so many sites. Every ‘page’ on this site links once to my privacy policy, and once to the home. Yet Google tells me that my site links back to its own privacy statement 800 times, and 80 times to it’s home. Ah well, many of Google’s remote reporting things are totally wonked out IMO.

“Oh, you forgot a trailing slash - that huge amount of data will be processed into misinformation shortly. Thank you for letting us mislead you”. I really should get a job in their PR dept huh?
At times I almost miss the days when the web was simply a place for porn junkies and cranks telling you can make nuclear weapons from a dirty sock and a bottle of Windex. Simpler times. sigh