What is a good image resolution

I see that most people have screen resolutions now larger than 1024 x 768. I want to give my customers the largest possible picture of my products. What is a good image size about 1024 x 768 that would benefit most people?

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Here’s how I think about them, images are made up of lots of single units (ie dots or pixels). There’s a difference in how many of those pixels/dots it takes to make an image look sharp on paper or on screen. There’s also a difference in how concentrated those dots/pixels can be expressed, but they’re still finite (ie if your image has 3000 dots/pixels it can’t have any more or less without taking some away or adding some more).

Images are typically stored or captured in a screen resolution which is typically 72dpi and are expressed in the typical 1024x768 style. Some screens can display up to 96dpi but for the web the majority of people will be using viewing and storing at 72dpi. A 10megapixel image from a camera might measure 3648x2736 (ingore the numbers just see it is bigger than the screen resolution) which means it won’t fit on a screen to display at 100%. The user would have to scroll side-side and up-down, not very useful. Reducing photos or down-sampling takes away pixels to keep the image sharp with as much detail as can be usefully displayed.

In contrast print/paper is typically measured in dots per inch (dpi) and it takes more dots to make an image sharp on paper than it does to make it sharp on screen. So what is viewed at a 72dpi on screen and looks sharp, on paper will look blocky and fuzzy. The concentration of dots/pixels needs to be higher for print, typically about 200+ to look sharp (more is always better).

Programs like photoshop can convert the dpi that the image is stored in, but it can also up-sample (add more dots) or down-sample (take away) which is where some confusion can arise. The other confusion is why a down-sampled/reduced web image looks sharp on screen, won’t print sharply.

Well I hope that hasn’t just added to all the confusion and has helped.

Oh… I thought resolution and dpi were the same thing. I ended up choosing 1024x768 for the images. Its a little on the high side… but it looks cool. My images were 640x480.

Image resolution and size are different things. For the web, your images don’t really need to be higher than 96dpi as few monitors display at resolutions higher than that. For image size, I tend to think 800px wide is plenty.

If you print at 300 dpi (which is very good quality), you can get a 13.3 x 10 inch print out of that.
If you print at 240 dpi which is still quite good, you can get a 16.6 x 12.5 inch print.by (selina_5…)

Resolution and dpi are the same thing. Resolution and image dimensions though aren’t.

i think good image resolution is that which image shown in every browser very clearing and not chances a different dimensions.