What is a good bounce rate for a website?

my news website <snip/> have 1.07% bounce rate it is good or not. what is good bounce rate for website

A bounce rate of

50% or less is excellent
60-70% is typical
70-80% is poor
80%+ is very bad

But of course, keep in mind there’s no such a thing as a ‘‘perfect bounce rate’’.

Is there any tips to reduce the bounce rate and we are following latest SEO Techniques and we didn’t get the change in Bounce rate. can you suggest me any tips.

There is an active discussion of issues affecting bounce rate here:


50% or less than 50% bounce rate is good for website, 70% above bounce rate is very bad for website.

It is always advice to have low bounce rate as much as possible. Higher Bounce rate is a significance of the number of people coming to your site in search of something & then returning to the search result without getting adequate or proper information.
So, the more relevant your site is to the users queries the lesser would be the bounce rate.
A low bounce rate encourage more numbers of visitors both new & returning visitors to your sites.

It depends on your site’s type. It is a news blog, it is ok to have a high bounce rate, as readers find our article, read it and leave. But surely, the lower BR is, the better.

your BR is very low and looks incredible. How many visitors you count when see this bounce rate? Could be that your Google Analytics working not correct (double code)

Great bounce rate explanations in these vids w/ Avinash Kaushik the Digital Marketing Evangelist for Google:
The older presentation vid with stats:

Updated video from 2012 describing bounce rate

1.07% bounce rate is really amazing. How many pages each visitor is viewing in your website?

Yes, bounce rate under 10% is amazing!

I think your traffic source are highly relevant to your site’s content.

How do you promote your site?

Bounce rate is a percentage of visitors visiting your site’s first page and leave it without going to other pages of site. Bounce rate of website should always small. 1.7 % is good for any website.

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