What is 230 GSM stock paper?

I was trying to order some business cards online and the description of the stock paper said 230 GSM stock paper.

I know what 14pt or 15 pt stock paper is like. I know what a satin finish is like. But I’ve no clue what GSM stock paper is much less it’s thickness?

230gsm is a measure of thickness - I’d have to say 230gsm is quite thin and flimsy for a business card ( I had some done recently and they are on 400gsm and I believe that 350gsm is probably standard for cards)

thanks. I’ll have to avoid it then because I prefer thick cards around 15 pt or whatever the gsm equivalent is.

i don’t suppose there is some sort of a guide on all this stuff?

Dunno about a definitive guide, but this might be useful:


GSM stands for grams per square metre. 89GSM is the standard thickness for paper.

I have never heard of pt being used as a thickness reference. Is that using the same points as they use for font sizes?