What i'm working on

hi, well i started to read tutorials about web design stuff a yr ago
now, i decided to design and code a website layout from ground up

Would you just like to show off? :slight_smile: If yes, then this is the correct forum. Should you want to have critiques, however, then you’ll want to post this in the design element reviews forum instead, so that you can receive feedback. :slight_smile:

Dear omgmyname

Nice screenshot! and very time consuming at that, good screenshots are hard to come by for websites as they are mostly generic, a good plan would be: make a lot of different screen shots and sell them for web design, Boating screenshots are very hard to come by and would be a great ones for sale, a good screen shot for a website could be $20 to $200.
Are you using Dreamweaver perhaps or Fireworks even a different program I would not be familiar with, I use Fireworks for much of my graphics, it seems to be less difficult than Dreamweaver but either way it take hours and hours of racking your brain back and forth back and forth starring at the screeen for even days on end, keep up the good work!

It’s not too bad I suppose. There’s really not much to show at this point. All you’ve shown is a purple box with some text and white box hover with a picture. If you want critique, you might want to show more of the design, preferably all of it. If you’re just wanting to show it off, then nice job. It’s not a bad start. Keep reading those tutorials and experimenting.

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