What if you hate someone very much?

How to let of your anger when you have to bear someone that you hate so much ?

Life is to short to harbor hatred, if its something they do that annoys you, let them know. If its something that they can’t change, see them less! You shouldn’t have to bear in any anger, its not healthy. I always try to look on the positive side of things, because life is short, enjoy it! Hope that helps you :slight_smile:

Confrontation is the best answer to this. To make it clear both side and some sort of understanding whats the main thing happen. Because we all know both side have different stories that goes to share to others. Let’s keep peace in the atmosphere.


But don’t punch him/her in the face, of course. Obviously, if it’s a colleague, handle everything professionally. If they refuse to change or even listen, just try to stay our of their way (that’s what I do).

Worry about yourself and it’ll work itself out (hopefully).


Meditation if you want to “let off steam” usually it’s not a good idea to go around making it worse - take deep breaths…

It all depends upon the context and whom is involved. For example if it’s a forum; and another member you are having problems with you should be locking your hands together or something before typing something you’d regret.

Revenge is a dish best served cold. But thinking about how much you hate someone or want to harm them can be just as bad for you in the longrun.

If its someone you employ, and you seriously hate, them fire them. If it is a collegue and its just the way they work than you have two options to do (go with number two.). 1) Find something that really annoys them and whenever they annoy you, annoy them back. 2) Talk with them about it. Find out what your problems are and work it out. If they are just being an idiot about it then you can stop working with them or deal with it really.

If you are two seperate businesses, then take note all you need is one person to get mad at you and they can destroy your entire business.

Actually, i just ignore him, treat him like air. I even don’t want to his voice, it is so annoying and as long as he shuts up, everything seems fine.

I won’t listen him…And always try to keep a distance from him in order to avoid more problems.

Dropkick them in the throat.

But don’t punch him/her in the face, of course.

Haha of course, as what I said

Let’s keep peace in the atmosphere.

Professionalism is a struggle for others that’s why they must practice to be patient in everything.

Did I ever mention how much I like your shirt today? And your hair? And your pants? And…ahh…um…


Talk to them about it, if they refuse to get things sorted out. Leave peacefully without any byte of hatred.


Anger can be calmed down by doing other interesting things such as playing games, watching comedy shows and other activities that makes you happy.

Why do you hate some one like that? Hatred is not good actually-> it can cause stress, anxiety and other problem.
Always forgive the one you hate. It may prosper your heart.

Yikes :lol: too much time around computers. :slight_smile:

And while that’s what is the best to do, it’s not the easiest thing to do. Easier said than done.


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Ok,i think at this time we need to reflect on ourselves,we need to be generous and we need to remember that being angry at others is to punish ourselves.we should to pursue joy all our life!

Hi, my dear friends!!! Don’t be angry. Just thing how our life is beautiful! We need to live in peace, be polite to others and love our relatives and close people. When you are angry, just imagine something really positively great that has happened in your life. Think about this for several seconds or minutes and relax. Forgive people, and you’ll be fine!