"What if I don't like it?"

lol I was discussing the blog wordpress website I am hoping to design for my “new clients.” After I discussed the contract that they will sign the heavy in the team looked a bit worried and asked “but what if I don’t like it?” lol! :nono: I assured her that I would give them several comps to look at before I moved forward.

They have seen my work. Why do they think they wouldn’t like it. :injured:

I am a bit worried because they are really following an affiliate’s program. In other words, I don’t think they have much product to sell of their own.

Are there affiliate programs a MLM scam or are they a legit way of doing business?

There’s no reason why affiliate programs and MLM should be a scam or illegitimate. It’s hard to say without any info on the program itself :slight_smile:

just put sensible milestones in place and get them to review the project when those milestones are reached.

these could be milestones for instance:

  1. brief and information gathering phase. When this is completed, have a review meeting with the client to ensure all is captured and understood

  2. design concept phase. Do 1 to 3 concepts (usually, home and 2 sub pages) and then show these to the client. This is the time when suggestions, changes or alterations should be made

  3. design comps. this is the polished variant of the concepts with any client changes added in. You should allow time for last minute client changes to be added in at this stage. Make sure you get sign off.

  4. Now whether you go on to print or code the result of these comps is up to you, but if you have sign off then you should be covered if they start their complaining. The other part of sign off is being able to charge change request fees for post sign off changes.

I agree that the way you should be looking at this is to break down the process you use in creating your design. The whole point of working with clients is to make their experience with you as a business as seamless as possible. If the client is feeling uncertain, produce some wireframes and mock-up’s and prototypes before you begin coding the design - that way you have their confidence that the final theme will meet their expectations and you won’t have to keep re-iterating your design phase to make them happy. Their not saying they won’t like the design, they are saying they feel worried as to what happens if something isn’t right, you (like usual) seem to be seeing problems where opportunities to prove your skills exist, perhaps your own uncertainty is more obvious to see than you think. :slight_smile:

What I always do (as the person who hires a designer) is include a clause in the contract that says if I don’t like the initial mockups, I pay up a small portion of the originally agreed price and terminate the contract.

This way both parties can walk away without much harm done :slight_smile:
So far this has worked out perfectly for me

Well I don’t know if this job is going to happen. Even though I know one of these women they are moving way too slowly! I emailed them a new proposal and even called… I just got one email stating they are renaming their company and it’s a long process. I even told her if she’s not interested let me know.
I’m such a bad business man.