What has happened to my images

My site was design by a developer in 2005.
It was moved to a new host in 2011.
Things seemed to be working OK.
When i last checked the images were not opening properly
please see http://www.barrydaly.com.au/main.html
What has happened and how can I fix?

Have you checked that the full-size images are still there on the server?

Yes, they all seem to be there?

I can’t see that anything is missing. What’s wrong?

When thumbnails are clicked the image is no longer opening up?http://www.barrydaly.com.au/main.html

Has any maintenance work of any kind been done on the server around the time the problem started?

Is there are new errors appearing in any error logs since around the time the problem started?

Not sure what you mean by that. If I click on the images, I get a larger version for each image, instantly, so it seems to be working fine for me. It seems this is all done with Flash, though, which isn’t the best way to do things these days.

No go for me? Just checked on my mobile phone and I can only open the landing page nothing else?

Done in 2005 flash was the thing - don’t want to update as I do other photography now - would like to keep that site up though.

No maintenance done it was just moved and left?

Some devices, like the iPhone/iPad, don’t recognize Flash at all, which is another nail in the coffin for Flash. There are nice alternatives to Flash that are native to the browser, so you don’t have to reply on plugins.

Off Topic:

I don’t know what ever motivated designers to have an intro page, though. If I go to an address, surely it means I want to view the site, so why make me have to click an Enter link? I’m glad it’s a practice that has mostly died out now.

But it’s not just my phone PC also, problems?