What happened to my traffic after I switched domains

As some probably know, my previous domain, creative as it was, sucked ***** when it came to seo. So I switched it (still working on that long horrible process) to my new domain as shown in my sig. In 10 years time, my traffic never exceeded 15,000 monthly. Well now, ONE MONTH after the switch, my traffic rose to 76,188 for February. What?! Maybe a fluke time will tell… In order to get any real advertising I need to get over 100,000. I will do that soon.

Probably the name of the new domain has words that are more used in search engines, or because the domain is new, google gives some advantage in serch results for the new web site to be known.

The opposite actually. A new domain should carry less weight.

[FONT=verdana]In fact, there’s plenty of evidence to suggest that a new domain will initially enjoy higher rankings - just by virture of the fact that it is new. But it’s likely to be temporary. After a few weeks, it will probably go down to a more “natural” level. So don’t count on getting to that 100,000 figure soon.

On a more general point, just because your old domain did badly from an SEO point of view, that’s no reason to switch to a different domain. After all, it’s the same content. Better to put the effort into improving the existing content. Of course, if you continue to get the high traffic you are now seeing, then that’s another matter. But unfortunately I suspect it will fall back quite soon.


It is apparent that is largely because of the new words in the new domain. For long me and some colleagues have debated which are more attractive to search engines: short domains with the .com, or phrase-like domains with any extension. What we’re seeing is that “good” phrase-like domains (with any extension) relative to your product get more search engine display; although, the viewer’s ability to make a mental note of your domain and return to it is diminished. So the question is, do you want your domain to keep popping up but hard to remember; or do you want it to pop up less, but easier to remember?
I propose a “bookmark-us” link on the first page of phrasal domains. I disagree with a user that Google gives advantage to new websites – to the very contrary! And for those who still doubt, hyphenated domains are, indeed, a disadvantage.

Any weirdly worded domain, like “ztx0fw.me”, can have a strong search engine frequency if branded well enough; though, branding a domain is expensive and time consuming. A good place to test the weight of the wording of your domain before you purchase it is the domain appraisal web interface at GoDaddy; we’ve noticed that it focuses more on the popularity of the words – a higher amount is indicative of the frequency/popularity of the combined words. Here is a tip: The term “face” combined with another short practical word seems to output good frequencies; same can be said for: book, game, and mobile.

In any event, I’m glad your new domain is doing so well. Congrats!

Wow first post without a question, no link, and well written to boot! Well done. I agree with you. Google does not give preference to new domains. Google gives preference to seasoned domaines.

Mikl, I switched to a new domain after fruitlessly trying to crack the first page (or anywhere near it) for 10 years. I gave it a honest try i believe with that domain. I have other sites that have cracked it. #1 infact for many search terms. I have no doubt that now withy the new domain and my gained knowledge of seo my new site will flourish.