What happened to Chrome fixing Anti-Aliasing?

I thought they were supposed to fix this in 37? It does’nt seem like it’s been fixed. Had anyone else had these issues since 37 came out a few months ago?

Here is what I’m seeing on Chrome 40.0.2214.93 m

Even Font-Awesome:

It looks like crap. Could there be something wrong in the code that might screw up Chrome?

Throw this in and see what happens.

-webkit-font-smoothing: antialiased;
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Thanks, but that didn’t do anything. Added it to *, html, and a few individual elements.

I’m betting someone came in and screwed up some of the tags or tag order or something, but HTML validater isn’t showing anything. There are a number of people who mess with this stuff who aren’t web developers.


Just doing a Chrome Restart did fix the issue. But that still leaves the question of I thought it was fixed? Maybe it’s buggy. Is anyone else still seeing it?

Is that google font?

BTW I have 40.0.2214.93 m of Chrome…

Do you have a website where Ican take screenshots to show you what I see?

No, it’s all locked down and sensitive data. (hence the restricted ones above) And the font is just Verdana.

Well Verdana and FA of course.

What about making a reduced test case on jsfiddle?

I’m seeing multiple reports of people still experiencing this issue on Chrome40 on Google.

Well it’s all over the site, which is very large and old.

I was looking for this, but I guess I wasn’t hitting the right search terms. Could you link some?

edit: nvm I found some. Hopefully they fix this.

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