What gap ( if any needed) is ideal between article submission

What gap ( if any needed) is ideal between article submission ? I mean organically written articles without any force fed methods.

Are you referring to posting articles to a single article directory? It is best to produce as much content as possible on as many article directories as possible.

There is no waiting period necessary between posts, but it is best to promote your site on as many different sites as possible.

If it is a quality content published in a quality site there is not gap restriction. Avoid publishing too many low quality articles in sub standard domain.

After panda update I have stop doing article submission instead I update my website blog and share that content through social profile.

I write one unique article every day and submit it using distributeyourarticles service. They do manual submissions, I don’t spin it, sure the same article will be on a thousand sites but it’s not low quality spun useless articles.

Many years ago doing just that you could get top rankings, now it’s still effective just not that powerful, you have to get links using other methods too along with article submission.


Thanks for all the replies.

It probably doesn’t matter all that much, mainly because article submission doesn’t really do much to help SEO. Article submission is one of those SEO fads that a lot of people bought into because article directories were pushing it in order to boost their own traffic, content and revenue streams.