What forum to ask this question?

I need help with printing a web page.

What forum should this be addressed in?

I understand how to set the page breaks on my web form.
I understand the browser settings.

I don’t understand the “what if” and “when to”.

Example, I have a form that is 19 pages long. This needs to be printed.

I have my containing <div> set at 900px. (making the page too wide for paper.) Setting the <div> to 700px creates the width needed for printing, but plays havoc with my form.

So my question… What setting do I use in print preview while I am creating my page breaks?

Do I use 100% while designing page breaks, and then set Shrink to fit when printing?

Do I use 90% (which works well for most of the pages) while designing?

What affect do the margin settings have in the print style sheet versus using the margin settings for the browser?

After creating all my page breaks, I save the form. When I open in print preview, Shrink to Fit is the default. Clicking on Custom, reveals the % .
Should this setting be the same each time the form is opened? If not, how do you change it?

I need these to be static… I have about 26 forms for a school district. They will be printed separately and placed together in one file. They want them to be standardized. (Can’t have one at 98% and another at 86%)

Any suggestions?

Hi Ann C

The general “Web page design” forum would be ok - but don’t repost, I’ll get a mod to move this thread.

moved :slight_smile: