What fonts?

Does anyone know what the following fonts are below?

I found them in a PDF report, so I couldn’t use my WhatFont add-on.

Did you try an image upload at WhattheFont?

Interesting website. I found some close matches for the first one (i.e. UNIVERSE) but not the second one.

I am intrigued by the “W” that looks like two V’s crossing to form an X.

Try https://www.google.com/fonts/

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Possibly Raleway…

There are hundreds more fonts to choose and quite a few have the “X”.

It is not easy choose for others :frowning:

Would you or anyone ever pay for a font?

While I found a close match to the first font at WhatTheFont, I think I would need a staff of lawyers to understand the agreement. :confounded:

Not knowing much about design or fonts, I’m not sure if using Google’s free fonts is good enough, or if this is a time where “you get what you pay for”. :confused:

Yes. Why not? I like to get paid for my work, and I imagine the creators of fonts feel the same way.

I have also used free fonts, of course, but have no objection to paying a reasonable charge to get exactly what I require. In this case, it was to use the exact font on an author’s website which was used for the title on her book covers.

If you can find the font you want there, it’s good enough. If not…

There may be occasions where you must use a specific font, such as adhering to a client’s corporate branding guidelines. But in such cases, your charge to your client should cover any such cost.
If it’s your own project, you need to ask yourself if you think that font is worth paying for, over a free one.

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If you have Acrobat Pro, that tells you what fonts were used in the document.

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