What font is similar to Kozuka Gothic Std?

I’m looking for a commonly-available font that looks like Kozuka Gothic Std (see sceenshot below). Does anyone know of any (and for which platform)?


Joel, you’ve posted the wrong URL !


Ah how stupid of me! Thanks for pointing that out Ruchir!

Im assuming that your going to post another link to it?

I did so already - couldn’t you see it?

In any case, I just uploaded it as an attachment as well.

No similiar fonts come to mind, but you could go over to www.dafont.com , type in “Department of Japanese Studies” into the text preview thing, and browse the sans-serif section until you find something close :slight_smile:

oh, ok, i didnt see that it was edited, my bad.

Thanks Toni will do that.

That font reminds me of Bitstream Vera Sans for some reason.

Okay, this one’s not even close, but what the heck.

Mac platform.

Joe, you should have specified which font you needed…

I didn’t manage to find it, but never mind it’s OK now.

I meant the font for the English characters, but really thanks a lot project_jp, that would also come in useful - I didn’t ask because I didn’t think anyone would know of any Japanese/Chinese fonts.

Myriad Pro light

by Adobe

It’s slightly shorter and a little heavier that those in the Kozuka Gothic family, but the shapes are basically identical.

Myriad Pro Light SemiCondensed is a little skinnier than Kozuka Gothic light, but either of those fonts are the closest you will come.

I received the complete Kozuka families with Adobe CS and I can get the English characters from those fonts from the same .otf file. But I cannot buy them online. I am looking for additional liscences of those fonts but I can’t tell if the Japanese font online includes the English set. I found that Myriad is an excellent substitution for Kozuka Gothic, but I am still looking for a substitution for Kozuka Mincho (English). I think I’ve looked at every single serif font for a match, and I cannot find one that exists. Support from Adobe customer service on this subject is pretty much nonexistent.