What font-family looks best for dollar currency?

I’ve been wanting to ask this.

What font type looks best for currency?

$29.99 or any dollar amount.

“What looks best” is very subjective. What kind of site is it? Each typeface has a “feel” to it—be it corporate, laid back, fun, goofy, etc. So there are lots of considerations.

I believe sans-serif fonts are generally considered easier to read on a screen than seriffed fonts. I certainly find that to be the case.

Beyond that, as Ralph said, it depends very much on the rest of the site, or at least the rest of the page.

As previously mentioned “feeling the font will be the best judge here”. Perhaps show us some content a screenshot, anything. In my personal appeal, I like to use Open Sans. But all will depend on your overall layout/template design.


~ Alex

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