What file permission are these perl files?


I have some perl files on my server. However, when I look ar the permissions, they are set to xxx with the checkboxes “blued-out”. What permission are these files set to?


Usually 755, try adding the to the numerical value box and click OK

Hmmmm, looks like they’e 000 if there is such a thing, more likely they’re “not set”, though I’ve never seen that before.

The x’s signify owner-group-public
read, write, and execute have numeric values that are added together to make a unique number indicating which is set

read = 4
write = 2
execute = 1

So, using bluedreamer’s example, 755 means
Owner - read, write, and execute permission
Group and Public - read and execute permission, but NOT write permission

Looks like 644 to me

I agree with arout. You can use next code to know file permission
$perm = sprintf “%04o”, (stat(‘file’))[2] & 07777;
print "$perm