What Features are Most Important?

So I’m helping a client with a website that is getting off to a HORRIBLE START… :rolleyes:

The website looks nice, has interesting content - at least to me - but has ZERO traffic even though the owner has been out hitting the pavement promoting this new business like crazy.

What features do you think take a “blah” web and turn it into the next success story??

Now, I’m not so naive to think that just adding a few features will turn a site into the next Amazon.com. I realize being successful at anything usually takes a multi-pronged approach. But as a web developer, I’m really lost at helping my client get the website going…

The idea is to use the website to promote the services the owner has to offer prospective clients - all of whom live within the local area. As such, I don’t think things like SEO and all that jazz really matter.


DD, two days ago you started a nearly-identical thread, Getting People to come (and STAY) at your website…. Let’s close this one and see what people say in the first one.