What factors to keep in mind before joining any forum?

Hello members,

We keep on searching good forums in google and other search engines. But what factors do you really think before register.

(a) Pagerank
(b) Alexa
(c) SERP
(d) Rich Content
(e) All above
(f) Else, please mention


F. Nothing on your list. A forum like Sitepoint is not a place for you to spam your crap. Its about community. If you cannot grasp that you will find your threads deleted.

Terse but accurate. I agree whole-heartedly.

I have become increasingly aggravated by the intense desire to “Scam” the search engines that is exhibited all over the Internet. I realize that “Marketing” is an important facet of business; and has been since the Oldest Profession*
But consumers are not stupid. We can see through all the “tricks” and simply ignore the chatter and nonsense spewed forth in an attempt to grab our attention.
If, on the other hand, you have a product (or service) to offer that is unique - in its use, its design, its construction, in the way you provide and support it - THERE IS NO NEED TO SHOUT ABOUT IT. You will have customers.
Please, please, please focus all of that skill and energy into creating a better product. And stop wasting it on trying to “cheat” your way to The Top Of Google’s Rankings!


Off Topic:

*By the way, contrary to popular belief, Advertising is the oldest profession. Even the first prostitutes had to Advertise!

I think, “Do I have any relevant questions to ask, or any relevant knowledge to share?” :slight_smile:

Yes, I believe forums are discussion boards and they still are. Why does forums listed on google search when you search for some information with long tail keywords? or phrases? Its obvious, Google and other search engines value forums, so please use it to share genuine information. Your intention of asking questions regarding forum is good, but the way you have put your words together seems like you are trying to just build links and not to share any information. I too go with “F”, I never search for a forum, whereas I come across some forums when I search for something on search engines and if its interesting I visit those sites often.

The factors? I think it’s better if you’re going to ask people what you should take note of when you join forums. Well, that’s how I understood your thread title when I saw it. Anyway, I’d say that you have to know your true purpose for joining a forum. If you’re there with the mindset of being able to leave links in your replies, threads, and/or signatures, then being in a forum like this one will only ruin your reputation. A forum, as timesheet has mentioned, is a discussion board and that should be what’s in front of your mind when you join a forum; it’s not a place where you can advertise unless the moderators allow you to.

That’s an excellent answer Ralph. Short and exactly to the point. Of course osme people might have a shorter question to ask depending on their knowledge level - either “Do I have any relevant questions to ask” for beginners or "“Do I have any relevant knowledge to share” for experts. Those at all the intermediate levels should be asking the longer question you stated.

None from your list for me either. I look for communities that have excellent content (such sitepoint) and enough activity so that I am not talking to myself. i don’t care for their stats, I know plenty of forums with amazing stats that are either dear or filled with junk.

I generally look at some threads, see what’s being said, see how well it’s being moderated and whether it is somewhere I can learn and contribute. I want forums where there is real debating going on and exploration of issues I can relate to, not generic statement making in the pursuit of signature backlinks.

This is absolutely the purpose of joining forums. It’s not about choosing to participate in forums with high page rank or in the Top 100 of Alexa ranking. In forums, the rules are pretty simple - You need to ask smart questions and make sure to provide clear and informative answer in any thread.

If we want to use forum for SEO purpose then we have to check alexa rank, page rank and content quality of the forums before joining it.

[font=verdana]No, if you want to use forums for SEO purposes, you first have to check that they have no quality control and no moderation. Because let’s face it, “using forums for SEO purposes” is another way of saying “spamming”.

Anyone who tries to use Sitepoint Forums for SEO purposes will in the first instance find their posts deleted, and if they continue then they will be permanently banned from the forums. Any other high quality forum will be the same.

End of discussion.[/font]