What Else Is Needed?

I am maintaining an Ecommerce blog, it started out flat but as I keep on adding contents daily, the traffic increase and it is now PR4. Some of the posts are on the first page of SERP.

I know did a good job because of the improvements that I have seen but I know that there are still a lot of things that I need to do in order for the blog rank even better in SERP.

Can you tell me what else I need to do to further improve my blog’s ranking in SERP?

By the way here is the URL: Ecommerce Blog

this problem very easy , try my tips :

  1. SEO
  2. backlinks

i’m sure, your problem is done :):):slight_smile:

The thing you have most control over is content and the number of pages that can be linked to. As you add more good content and create more pages the number of people who read something that you have written and link to it will increase.

The best links to get are those from pages that contain relevant related information where real people are going to be interested in following the link. Those are the sorts of links that the search engines give the most weight to in determining the search engine rankings and the easiest way to get lost of them is to create good content so that other people will create the links for you.

maybe a forum and live support :stuck_out_tongue:

This is kinda out of the topic.
But I suggest you put some pictures in your post because it looks kind of dull and boring.
Just my personally opinion =)

I guess using some seo tool is nice way to get quality ranking on google and others…try axandra or webceo seo tools…will be very useful…

the best way is SEO,quality content, update update every day and backlinks.
seo tool is not important for me, because google like web or blog update every day.

maybe you can use “comment luv” and let your blog be a dofollow blog. You can check out the blogs of Extreme John and blogussion. Both blogs attract many meaningful comments and are quite lively.

high pr backlinks can boost your site traffics.

I guess daily one post will be liked more by visitors…

You could definitely give try for SEO and Off page factors of SEO such as blog submission in blog directories. you have lots of free blogs directories on the internet.

The most boring and time consuming job on the planet,but everyone who want`s to become visible on the Internet needs to build lots of good baclinks
pr4 - pr10.

Get To Work!:lol: