What effect is being used on this Sitepoint page?

Hey all,

Was just wondering if anyone can tell me what effect is being used on this sitepoint page http://products.sitepoint.com/

Half way down this page theres a navigation panel with links Top Sellers | Latest | Design…

When you select one iof these links the page loads and then displays the products, can someone tell me what kind of jquery is this?

Thanks in advance


It’s a custom script. It’s just a simple navigation bar that makes Ajax requests for chunks of HTML. All it does is replace the area underneath the bar with the new content. The script is here: http://www.sitepoint.com/scripts/jquery.sitepoint.products.js?v=1.0.29

Hi Raffles,

Thanks for your reply, that link doesnt seem to work. If I was searching for this method of displaying content using jquery what would i search for?

Thanks again!