What does this database error report mean?

This is error shows up on when possibly the site’s cpu resource gets exhausted. the server has 2 CPUs and I tested by opening multiple opening pages from the site and refreshing them simultaneously. I think when the server load reaches to maximum that database error shows up… The site can barely handle few visitors although it is in a dedicated server. Is the code of the script is inefficient or the server is bad? The script is a shopping cart cms by “shopfrontpro . com” (and I see the CMS provider-shopping cart site is also down).

My guess is you’re opening the “multiple pages” using the same browser/user account. This could cause the SESSION error.

It might be that the code you’re using doesn’t handle such errors gracefully and instead of giving up keeps hammering the database until it bugs out.

If you do your tests using different browsers and different users, does it still error?