What does the Internet mean to you?

I can get everything I want on the internet, such as shopping, search information…

Not sure where I would be, or more importantly who I would be. If it was not for the internet I wouldn’t know who I am today. It has helped me discover things that I would not have easily figured out in the real world.

Know what you mean, I haven’t been in a chat room in years, do they still exist? I literally discovered myself through a chatroom.

The internet means information, connection, to other people yes but more so to myself.

… oh yeah and the free porn is great! everyone is a porn star with the webernets! :wink:

You can do everything on the internet the thing you have not done personally…

sent time place

If you don’t go searching for it, you won’t find it. I’ve never had any prawn Websites find me or alert me of their presence.

Lawlz, every time you say prawns I think of District 9. Fookin prawns! Blixem!

No, you can hit pr0n pretty easily. There was a site I went to regularly that if you typed in the wrong tld it was pr0n. Also, when making my jeanselling headers for our company, I had to find my own images for the jeans brand I had to make. There are two sister companies called Bad Boys and Bad Girls (kids clothing). Yeah, they DON’T have their own website. But guess what you get typing that into the googles?
Also had a similar issue with Geisha/Geisha girls. You CAN find the website, eventually. Arg.

Re innernets…
I’m constantly thinking of the encyclopedia set I had as a kid. Any time I needed to do a school report, often it was my main source. And there was so much it didn’t have. Later, when I could find out more and more info about any topic on the internet, I realised how limited encyclopedias were, but also how much stuff they had that hadn’t made it to the internet.

Plus mine had this cool section under Human where the body had these clear sheets of plastic instead of pages, each with a different system on them. So you started with a silhouette, then overlayed the nervous system, then the internal organs, then the muscles, and finally the skin.

The internet has also become a source of work for me, of course.

Kids on skateboards faceplanting, lolcats and dramatic hamsters.


Phew, thank god teenages don’t break the law or they would be running around having sex all the time.

Phew, thank god teenages don’t break the law or they would be running around having sex all the time.

Curses, foiled again!
Our plans would have worked, if it weren’t for those darn meddling kids!

See I am a web designer so I need to be in touch with internet so you can say internet is the part of my job… or backbone

Properly used, Internet = Freedom.

This explain why totalitarian governments do not like it. Let us keep Internet Free, it is our responsibility.


[FONT=“Georgia”]Dude, I wanted to wring that guys neck for the whole show.



Funnily enough, I live along the Merwe : ) It’s a river.[/ot]

For me Internet is a big library, market, telephone exchange, social network, place to learn, work and earn.

Internet it’s the world !

To me the internet means freedom and savings.
I don’t have to get into a car to go to work or to get information I need.
I don’t pollute the air with fumes from the car, so I am helping the environment.
I don’t have to get dressed up to work online, so I am saving resources and time.
I can meet new friends from anywhere in the world online, so I am “global”.
There are days when I am not online, and that is fine.
“Online” and “The Internet” are just another place to be.
Before the internet, life moved a bit slower. We had dials on our phones, cords on our remotes, and very large appliances such as microwave ovens the size of regular ovens.
Now, everything is smaller - including time spent IRL with each other.
There are days when my husband and I are in our office all day long with our backs to each other working on our computers.
That is the internet to me.

If it had a cord, it wasn’t considered a remote controller : )

and very large appliances such as microwave ovens the size of regular ovens.

The Radar-Range! Those things were freaking AWESOME. Imagine having such a thing in your house. Just, too cool. Amaze your friends! Cook food with microwaves!

It looked like something only a professional chef would have.

To me Internet means Googling i.e. finding solutions to almost every possible problem. There’s nothing as good as internet to aid you in any problems.

Don’t know what you’re talking about there but I lol’d hard. :lol:

I guess so regarding the wrong TLD and so on. Haha your story about the jeanselling headers for your company is kind of typical eh…Searching Bad Boys and Bad Girls into Google :lol: Actually I have a similar story, when I was in school I sat next to this lad in IT and he wanted to check his Hotmail E-Mail account and instead of typing the URL he googled it, instead of typing Hotmail he typed Hotmale by mistake! :lol: Because the computers were being monitored by the technicians, two senior staff came in to have a word with him. It was funny! :smiley: I guess it really depends on the context of what you’re searching for and making the search term more specific.

Well they do…Every bloody day…But I in a world where the law is obeyed then it’s different…Of course we don’t have that but let’s not go there :lol:.

I think your description, LibrianFriend, is great. Especially about it being a big library. It really is a huge library of information and knowledge. Some information is garbage and some is really great material, but it’s a huge library of resources and learning materials, and most of it is for free too.

Absolutely! I can’t agree more! The fact that we don’t have to go all the way to the local library anymore to get information on something that may or may not be there (and most likely a few years out of date too) is amazing. We can find out what we want in under 10 minutes now with a quick Google search (with the right search terms, and if you’re a quick reader too haha).

The Internet has really made our lives more efficient. Wouldn’t you agree? And I think we can all agree that, for the most part, the Internet is an amazing invention that has improved the majority of peoples lives around the World. It has certainly worked wonders on my life! :smiley:

Andrew Cooper

Work - I use my computer for my work
Life - I shopping online and contact with my friends through the internet

Work, life , love…all is on internet :slight_smile: