What does the Internet mean to you?

The Internet.

When I read the word - Internet - All that comes to mind is huge machines with weird maroon coloured rectangular buttons in large warehouses with big, long, black wires going all over the place. Men with thick-rimmed glasses wearing all sorts of weird clothing that we’d cringe at if we seen them. Working away 24 hours a day pressing these big buttons on these big machines.

What does the Internet mean to you though? In your eyes, what do you see the Internet as, and more importantly, what effect has the Internet had on your life and career?

What does the Internet mean to me? It means a whole gigantic super-highway of information. The Internet is a fountain of knowledge…Mostly free knowledge. The Internet super-highway is the fastest highway in the world, faster than the latest Ferrari sports car. It’s something amazing. It’s something to be in awe of. If it wasn’t for the Internet, I would have been in a performing arts college right now studying drama to become an actor, or perhaps studying and training to be a musician. But I’m training to become a professional Web Designer / Developer. And I think it’s a whole lot easier than what it would have taken me to be successful in the performing arts sector / industry.

The Internet has had a massive impact on mine and my families life. The Internet has changed the world in ways you can’t possibly imagine and the Internet means a whole lot more to me than just a network of computers. It means freedom, a fountain of free knowledge, a bright and prosperous career, connecting with people from all over the world to create long-lasting friendships and even relationships.

Share your passion and love for the Internet with us all :slight_smile: Let us be amazed at how amazing the Internet is and take a minute to reflect on how it has affected our lives and the World we live in. I hope you feel the same way about the Internet as I do and if you don’t then tell us how you feel about the Internet and what it means to you.

Andrew Cooper

free pr0n

:lol: :rofl: :smiley: Rudy!

…But that is true…Damn. I guess that’s had a massive impact on some peoples lives having free prawns available to anyone. And the ability to publish prawns on the Internet to a wide audience too. But sheesh! What am I talking about here?!

Anyone else have any comments they can make that doesn’t maybe include prawns? :rolleyes:

Andrew Cooper

if you have kids, free pr0n on the internet is a HUGE concern, let’s not just try to sweep it under the rug

as someone recently said, let’s “take a minute to reflect on how [the internet] has affected our lives”

Eh…Yea, I guess it’s a pretty big concern actually. I never really thought about prawns on the Internet to be honest. Would kids / teens really go searching for free prawns on the Internet though? I wouldn’t imagine that they’d be able to stumble across it on a Website they might visit…Otherwise they don’t visit many child-friendly / family-friendly Websites! :eek:

Rudy, please don’t own / pwn me! :frowning:

Andrew Cooper

Internet, being most biggest source of information and facts. It is the best, easy, convenient and most cheapest way of connectivity. Now the search engines play a great role in locating our destined knowledge source. But it is affected by porn content websites. Now a days the parents are worried and concerned since the teens are regularly moving into connectivity of porns. It is always recommended to give preference to affiliated filters and child locks so to ensure a child and family friendly internet-atmosphere.

If teenagers (think age 13/14/15) didn’t go searching for prawno I’d be worried… at that age your sexual instincts start kicking in big time and I’d see that as a perfectly normal thing to start investigating.

I remember when I was at school, (age 12+ pre internet) there were always porno mags to be had if that’s what you fancied - many a time someone would be reading one in class only for the teacher to confiscate. Hell, one guy even ran a nice business hiring porno mags out - he made loads of cash as well :slight_smile:

The Internet has given me the opportunity to learn a trade and also communicate with people from all over the world! I wouldn’t have had this luxury if it wasn’t for the Internet :slight_smile:

With regard to my trade, of course I could’ve learned all I have done from books, courses etc but the Internet opens up a magic window into a never ending resource of learning materials! I’m constantly finding new things to learn and articles to read that will help me become better at what I do - to me the Internet plays an invaluable role for me in a learning capacity - this is the primary affect is has on my life plus of course the promotion, advertising and interaction with a customer base for my business :tup:


Thresholds crossed
Renewed knowledge
New knowledge
Each his/her own
The worlds library

My job. It’s an unlimited source of inspiration and information and the way I am paying my bills :smiley:

Internet can be anything. Freedom, money, knowledge, fun, work, communication, networking and so on and so forth. The most important to me are the first two. If it wasn’t for the Internet, I’d be working a J.O.B. and living from paycheck to paycheck (likely barely making it, given the current economy). So it means pretty darn much to me.

money - thats the only word that comes to mind personally…money…

I agree that the Internet has to be the biggest source of information in the World. As for facts…It’s debatable! I really didn’t realize prawn Websites had such an adverse affect on people, including children / kids / teens and families. If you don’t go searching for it, you won’t find it. I’ve never had any prawn Websites find me or alert me of their presence.

I agree about sexual instincts / hormones kicking in big time and teenagers being sexually curious but hey, at the end of the day it’s illegal for under 18s (at least in the UK!).

Sheesh! Good lord! You’d be marched to the head teachers office if you had any sexually explicit content in school these days! I remember one time though that some students had some playing cards on the bus home from school and there were female naked models displayed on the cards. :rolleyes:

Absolutely the same! It’s an amazing entity!

I couldn’t agree more with that statement. The Internet really does open up a magical window of never ending learning materials and communication methods that allow you to become better not only at what you do for a living, but for whatever else you’re interested in.

Couldn’t be truer! :slight_smile:

Andrew Cooper

haha! got it and i agree! :rofl:

I look at internet as a tool to access Information Systems.

bread and butter.

A living for the last too many years!

That and news, communication, information and wild new frontiers :smiley:

(and free porn, obviously)

To quote Homer Simpson: “Teacher, mother, secret lover”. :smiley:

Seriously though, as my job evolves around the web (and my social life - yea I’m a true geek, allergic to nature) I would probably be dead without access. Last time the Internet went out, I practically went catatonic! I keep in touch with friends around the world through the web, I earn money through my web based job offering web services to web minded people… it’s the cornerstone of my existence. Then again I’m of the web generation that was practically raised online in chat rooms. :stuck_out_tongue:

Internet is my source of living, a source of income and also a source of new good friends. Just as what Alex said, “Web minded people”… I as one, won’t earn without the internet… as the fishermen to the sea.

I guess what the internet means most to me is industry. The internet presents so many business possibilities it is unbelievable, the internet has created hundreds of millions, if not billions of job opportunities which would otherwise have probably been filled with manual labor.

The internet is probably the best thing since medical care. It not only allows us to connect with other people globally, share resources, connect with long lost family and business opportunities but it also provides us with a way evolve technologically.

All hail teh int3rwebZ.