What does :P mean?

I was chatting with a friend on Facebook yesterday and at the conclusion of our conversation
I said,
“i gotta go. Got some studies to do…it was nice chatting with u :slight_smile:
catch u later…”

and she said,
“hmm ok ok all the best then… bye tc me too enjyd n my pleasure :-p okayy”

Now, from my search on Google, I discovered that the tongue out smiley is used to express feelings like giggle, shyness, silliness or sarcasm…but in this particular case I’m not sure what it really means…so I’d appreciate it if someone provided their input on what they think it means.

Thanks. in advance.

I’d say, in this case, lighthearted silliness.

Hello Rohan Ferns, It is simply silliness in this case. She was doing little bit fun nothing else.

Lol I can’t believe this is actually a forum discussion. I usually send that smiley to my FIancee when I am joking or being a bit cheeky with her. Of course she usually takes it for something else that happens a little later :stuck_out_tongue:

Its just a way of talking these days. Just like people take recourse to writing edited words for messaging, using :-p might mean a smile.

And what I didn’t understand of the whole thing was the “bye tc me” bit… Can’t think what that “tc” is right now :lol:

Take care

(having a teenager was worthwhile for once :D)


:lol: [/ot]

Off Topic:

Definately :lol:

Hey hi… Normally I use that smiley while teasing my fiancé. Otherwise here it used for showing a happy, light mood little bit funny because she enjoyed talking to you…

:stuck_out_tongue: is “Sticking tongue out at someone”

I think this thread has been answered enough times…