What does G+ lack?

Google+ is seen as the facebook no.1 rival. Though it’s still on beta but I want to know What features do you think it lacks?


APIs to allow you to hook into it from other applications.

Like Facebook, it has a very confusing interface and a lot of ‘features’ that are unintelligible and poorly presented.

One of the major features Google+ lacks is search. The existing user search box could be expanded to search posts too, with the ability to see results from each of your individual Circles, as well as a stream of public results from the whole of Google+.

I would also say they can integrate Google reader with Google+ which will help to further spread content which someone posts on their G+.

There should be also a save as draft feature. Many people type full length text and it will be good for them to have a save as draft function.

Google+ features are complicated. It also doesn’t allow photo tagging.


I’m surprised we haven’t seen some sort of advertising involving Google plus. Google was a pioneer of sorts in the monetization of their search engine and they have not really done anything like that with their social platform.

There was a little blip back in 2012 where they featured a button on the bottom of brand pages briefly saying that you could promote your plus page in search with adwords but apparently it wasn’t active.

This post talks about it,



It does allow photo tagging. In fact, I think Google+ is smarter than Facebook when it comes to identifying a person’s face for tagging. It even provides good guesses of who the person in the photo might be. Try it! :slight_smile:

In my opinion, we won’t be seeing ads on Google+ any time soon. Google+ is going to provide the social layer on top of all the information on the web that Google has indexed. By adding a social layer, its search results (Google’s primary source of revenue) are going to become much more relevant and by knowing the social graph of its users, they can even collect information such as how many degrees away are you from a specific topic or interest. All these will turn into more targeted search ads for users.

Think of Google+ as an intent generating platform while Google Search is the one doing intent harvesting (and thereby making all the money for Google). Also, why would Google introduce advertising to its social network when many of its users are coming to Google+ simply because they are tired of all the ads that they are seeing on Facebook?

I might be wrong but I just think that Google far from desperately needing a direct revenue stream from its social network as compared to Facebook. What do you think? :slight_smile:


I think you have hit the nail on the head. The introduction of Google Plus complements the Authorship program. Both are evidence that Google is distancing itself from more traditional ranking methods and searching for a way to better tie together quality content creators with users of its platform. These two elements make it that much more difficult (if not impossible) to game the results that users are served.

When I say I’m surprised that they haven’t introduced advertising, I was more eluding to the thought that they hadn’t provided users (especially business users) with an easy paid way to promote their presence on Google plus. I don’t think they need the revenue but it would be a nice feature to have.


Indeed Google plus lacks people, and the feel is cold, unlike Facebook that feels very friendly. I cant explane why. Its just a feeling.

First off, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, etc are more competitive with Facebook than Google+ ever was. Google+ is dead on arrival because it brings nothing new to the table. Facebook everything Google+ does and more - not only that but Facebook has a strong following already.

I agree, but I find it easy to create a page profile in Facebook rather than G+, I am confuse to use its features. I got lost most of the time when trying to join in communities and they have fewer people compared to Facebook.

Now a days G+ does not lacks it too have all feature compared to social networks,face book support more apps obviously G+ not this may be the lacking problem

Appeal, Crowd, features that can attract more users to stick on it such as games, useful apps, quizzes, etc…

Facebook = Focuses on connecting you with your existing friends and your relationships with them.
Google Plus = Helps you build new connections, find interesting people and discover content that can surprise and delight you.

i think google plus is still not very popular in masses, it is more popular among professionals. Facebook has a wider user base.

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