What does "buying traffic" mean?

I recently watched a video interview with a guy who makes money using CPA networks. He talked about how much more efficient “buying traffic” is.

What does that mean? Where do you go to buy traffic and how much should it cost?

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It means that you use PPC like adsense or msn, or yahoo partner network. Don’t confuse this with buying crap traffic. It is paying for clicks.

thanks letsgo. He talked about getting 20k visits in an hour. Is that reasonable or does it all depend on how popular you’re keywords are?

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Buying traffic is basically someone sending out your banner, link, or some other means across their network to get people to visit your site. However buying traffic usually has some horrible results. The bounce rate is incredibly high, it eats up a ton of bandwidth, the traffic comes from everywhere, you get a lot of useless traffic. Certain affiliates will cancel your account if they find you buying traffic. But hey it’ll get you on Alexa really fast.

Pay per click (PPC) is an Internet advertising model used on websites, in which advertisers pay their host only when their ad is clicked. With search engines, advertisers typically bid on keyword phrases relevant to their target market.

You can see PPC on Your Upper Left Side of your search result.

A good example of ‘buying traffic’ is Google Adwords. You pay a certain amount an ad to your website to show up in google search results.

You essentially pay say $0.01 or more for each visitor they send you. It can be an ok way of getting some visitors to your site, but unlikely to get much quality traffic of people that will come back…

unlikely to get much quality traffic of people that will come back…

I’ve been very happy with my Adwords traffic.

If Awords is not quality traffic, what is?



Yeah, I was wondering that one myself.

Well in my case, I don’t want to spend more than $0.01 per visitor, so I set the location range to anywhere in the world (as just choosing UK/US gets you none or only a couple hits for that price) so the bulk of traffic that comes through is from other countries which is not worth much to advertisers.

“Buying traffic” is essentially when you’re paying for ANY traffic from ANY source. Google and Yahoo are search sources to buy from, but you can buy contextual from PPV sources, or clicks from email ads from list marketers, etc.

You don’t own the traffic and are paying someone else to get that surfer to your affiliate link? That’s buying traffic.

There is a million places where you can buy traffic (and the quality one) but the thing is, all profitable places are most likely already filled by mature affiliates with tens of thousands of dollars of advertising budget. You will have a hard time competing with them. Don’t even expect $0.01 per click for any CPA-related keywords — the competition between the big guys has made the clicks much more costly. If they can get $40 per lead, and their conversion rate is only 3%, they can very well pay $0.60 per click and still get 200% profit. And they constantly optimize their conversion rate…