What do yu think of my design? How could I improve it?


I am working on software that would allow me to post photos and articles on internet. I am about to finish it, but before I upload it somewhere I would like to ask your thoughts on it.

In general, what do you think of this design? I am not designer myself and I know that I cant come up with any professional look, which is why I thought I would ask your opinions on this.

What I want from my design is:

  1. Easy to read
  2. Understandable
  3. Visitors wouldn’t find anything that would disturb them
  4. Design wouldn’t be reason for users not to come back

Here’s main views:

  1. Site - although current screenshot looks more like forum specially because of this solved thing, I plan to use it as a site where I can write articles/blogs w/e which is reason why I minimally display username and time.

On this picture is just sample of it:
<snip />

  1. Gallery - it should be easy to use and navigation should be easy to understand. With thumbs view I am kinda unhappy because those thumbs look kinda ugly but I don know what to do. I thought greater contrast between thumbnail background (grey) and text below would work but it must fit with rest of theme. What’s your suggestions here?
    <snip />

Image - I don know what to think of it other than photo details box and original size image download looks kinda ugly but I don’t know wether I should move these to somewhere else or change they’re look somehow. With that I would also like to hear your thoughts
Edit: I forgot to write description to this photo so I am just letting you know that it would appear below the attachment link. Would you recommend any other design?
Also not that hashtags are not visible on this screenshot but with just like normal posts they appear after the text (description).
<snip />

Thanks in advance for your suggestions and ideas.

Sorry, but questions like this can only be asked in our Website Design & Content: Reviews & Critiques forum. There is a 3:1 review/request ratio, and some [URL=“http://www.sitepoint.com/forums/showthread.php?744418-Read-before-requesting-a-review.”]other rules which are laid out clearly in the threads at the top of each forum.

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